Dream slammed by critics over “insensitive” Veterans Day tweet

Virginia Glaze
Dream under fire over veteran's day tweet

Popular YouTuber and Minecraft star ‘Dream’ is facing backlash from critics over a tweet he posted on Veterans Day that some claim is “insensitive.”

November 11 is Veterans Day in the United States. This federal holiday commemorates living military veterans of the United States Armed Forces. This same day also marks Remembrance Day in the United Kingdom, Canada and other countries, which similarly honors military veterans.

On this day, many communities will gather together to celebrate their local veterans and honor their service, while others express their sentiments via social media.

One social media post, however, has been met with some backlash, coming from the secondary Twitter account of popular internet personality ‘Dream.’

Dream YouTuber
Dream has over 27 million subscribers on YouTube and is best known for his Minecraft content.

Dream under fire over Veterans Day Tweet

Dream is a “faceless” YouTuber best known for his Minecraft content, who boasts a wide fanbase of dedicated viewers. Unlike most influencers, Dream refuses to show his face online, in keeping with such other “faceless” personalities like Corpse Husband.

On November 11, Dream tweeted a joking statement referencing a fictional battle that took place in his Minecraft server — an event fans call the “First Great War” of the Dream SMP (short for ‘survival multiplayer’ server). The battle saw the fictitious country of ‘L’Manburg’ secure its independence from the Dream SMP.

“Happy Veterans Day to everyone who fought in the L’manburg war,” he wrote, coupled with a few flexing arm and heart emojis. “Your courage and bravery was unparalleled. God bless.”


While plenty of fans joined in on the joke, others weren’t amused by Dream’s post, finding it disrespectful on a day meant to celebrate real military veterans.

“Joking about war isn’t funny,” one user replied. “Instead, you should remember those who fought for your country. … just because you don’t care about it doesn’t mean you can joke.”

“Dream it’s literally Remembrance Day in the UK, this feels really insensitive,” another fan wrote. “I know you probably didn’t mean this, but could you delete this?”

“Hey Dream, this wasn’t a good tweet to post,” another said. “We should be thanking Veterans and not roleplayed ones. I know it’s a joke, and I get the joke, but this joke is still distasteful.”

Although there’s some backlash surrounding Dream’s post, it’s worth noting that a number of his fans have joined in on the joke, even photoshopping photos of other Minecraft YouTubers into old black and white photos.

Dream has yet to respond to the criticism around his tweet at the time of writing.

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