Dream collabs with Technoblade’s father to raise cancer awareness in YouTuber’s legacy

Dream Technoblade cancer awareness header imageYouTube: Dream

Minecraft content creator Dream livestreamed with Technoblade’s father in a video that recounted personal stories about the late YouTuber to help raise awareness for cancer.

On June 30, it was announced that Minecraft YouTuber Technoblade had passed away after losing his battle with cancer. The 23-year-old YouTube star revealed his diagnosis to fans in 2021 before stepping away from content creation to undergo chemotherapy for his illness.

Since his passing, Technoblade’s audience – as well as his family, friends, and the YouTube community – have rallied together to help donate and support the Sarcoma Foundation and other cancer research companies alike in his honor.

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As a way to further help raise awareness, Dream’s first livestream since revealing his face – uploaded on October 18 – featured Technoblade’s father, the video centering on remembering the late YouTuber while also encouraging viewers and community members to donate to the Sarcoma Foundation.

The foundation is a nonprofit organization that helps improve early diagnosis of sarcomas and related tumors as well as improve treatment options, outcomes, and overall quality of life for people who have been diagnosed.

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At the beginning of the stream, Dream explained how he has been working with Technoblade’s father to find ways to help raise awareness for the cause and encourage people to donate.

“Ever since Techno’s passing, we’ve been talking and communicating about how we can do the best and raise the most money that we can.” Dream added later in the video that “Cancer doesn’t get as much funding as you may think.” 

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Technoblade’s father then spoke about his grief journey, candidly recounting what the final week of Technoblade’s life looked like.

“The grief wants to be the only thing that is happening and I went through. I was there for his whole life…The last week of his life was mostly painful. I don’t want the last week of his life to be the thing that cements itself in my head.” However, his father explained that he wants his son’s audience to remember “the whole person.” 

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The two then traded stories about Technoblade, with Dream recounting how he and Technoblade went from “rivals” and “frenemies” to then developing a deeper friendship and relationship. Explaining how this shift in their dynamic first began when the two “teamed up” for the Minecraft Championships.

Technoblade Minecraft avatar with Minecraft posterYouTube: Technoblade/ Mojang
Technoblade was one of the most popular Minecraft YouTubers, often seen alongside Dream in many popular videos.

Techno’s father told stories from when his son was younger, recalling how he used to make fun of his son for how seriously he took playing video games when he first began streaming. How if the power ever went out and Techno lost progress in a game, he would correct Techno and say that “all of that play wasted” when his son would refer to the progress lost as “work.”

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His father then revealed that – while Techno had no concrete plans before his passing – he was wanting to do a face reveal “eventually.” 

“It was something he had thought about. He never really got the gimmick or hook that would have made it work.” And while he may have passed away before Dream’s face reveal, the content creator emotionally spoke about how the two discussed it together so much that it “makes [him] feel like he is a part of it all.”

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To wrap up the hour-long video, Dream and Techno’s father talked about what Technoblade’s audience – as well as the general public – can do to help support cancer research and raise awareness. “Most people know someone who has been affected by cancer,” says Dream. “If you can’t donate then try and raise awareness, spread the word.”

Technoblade’s father added that “I know that Techno had quite an audience and it seems like he really meant a lot to people….I’m so proud of him and humbled and grateful.” Finally, he thanked those who have already donated and supported the Sarcoma Foundation, explaining how those working there “hadn’t seen anything like it before” when discussing the way Technoblade’s community has rallied around him.

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