Dr Lupo jokingly calls out FaZe Banks for ‘not paying his players’

CouRage, Twitter / Red Bull / FaZe Banks, Twitter

Popular Twitch streamer Ben ‘Dr Lupo’ Lupo jokingly called out FaZe content creator Ricky ‘Banks’ Banks, after Fortnite pro Tfue was gifted a first-month subscription to Lupo’s Twitch channel.

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Lupo addressed the debacle in a hilarious series of Tweets on November 30, humorously claiming that Banks doesn’t pay his players and insinuating that Tfue was only able to subscribe to his channel due to a gifted subscription.

“Alright Banks, will you please actually pay your players?” Lupo wrote facetiously. “Tfue was just gifted his first month sub to my channel, like wtf.”

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Tfue took the trolling in good spirits, responding with a gif of a crying rabbit from a classic cartoon, as if to poke fun at FaZe.

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Lupo wasn’t done roasting the org, however: he followed up his ‘callout post’ with another Tweet, asking popular streamer and former OpTic Gaming streamer Jack ‘CouRage’ Dunlop to gift even more subscriptions due to the allegedly ‘sad’ nature of FaZe’s financials.

“This is so sad,” Lupo said in response to Tfue’s gif. “CouRage, can we get 5 gifted subs, please?”

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While FaZe Banks and CouRage have yet to respond to Lupo’s trolling, the internet has since given their two cents on the jokes – with one commenter insinuating that Tfue hadn’t subscribed because he didn’t appreciate Lupo’s content.

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“He didn’t sub to you because he doesn’t like your content,” one user wrote. “No one does.”

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Lupo responded to the comment in kind, replying with, “Hahahah, you are so mad.”

Although Lupo’s comments clearly come from a place of self-deprecating humor, some spectators didn’t appear to get the message.