Cloud9 Smash legend Mango lashes out at Twitch staff during drunken rant - Dexerto

Cloud9 Smash legend Mango lashes out at Twitch staff during drunken rant

Published: 30/Nov/2018 15:44 Updated: 30/Nov/2018 17:46

by Connor Bennett


Cloud9’s Legendary Super Smash Bros player, Mango, went on an explicit drunken rant whilst live on Twitch – calling out staff members in his chat.

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Mango, real name Joseph Marquez, is one of the best Smash players of all time and was streaming Portal 2 on November 29 when members of his chat informed him that Twitch staff were watching his stream.

The American, who was clearly intoxicated after having one too many drinks during the stream, began ranting at the staff members who were present about the state of the streaming platform, saying he believes it has gone downhill due to firings.


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MLG - TwitterMango has been a force in the Smash scene since 2007.

“Wooo, fuck the Staff,” said Mango, as he began his rant. “This shit’s gone down since you fired everybody. Everybody knows Twitch has gone down straight to shit.

“Straight to shit, everybody knows that. Everybody knows that,” The two-time EVO champion said before he taunted the staff members in his chat by asking for a ban from the platform.

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“Ban me. Please, ban me,” he said, continuing his drunken but emotional rant. “I’ve been waiting for a ban. I wanna go.”

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Mango couldn’t compose himself enough to finish what he started saying after asking for a ban. After a mumbling a few more words, he let out a loud sigh before turning away from his camera – which he had been directly looking towards. 


It’s unknown if the Smash pro has suffered any consequences for his actions – from either Twitch or Cloud9. He has not taken to Twitter since announcing that he was live on stream last night.