Dr Disrespect’s scarily accurate PUBG prediction leads to “hacking” phone call

Andrew Amos

Superstar Twitch streamer Dr Disrespect is no stranger to receiving parody ‘phone calls’ on his stream, and after this accurate PUBG prediction, there’s no wonder as to why.

There are very few of higher authority on PUBG, if any, than the almighty Dr Disrespect, who is one of the most prominent streamers of the popular battle royale title.

His experience with the game over the years has essentially turned gameplay into muscle memory, which was on full display during his August 27 livestream.

Chilling in Severny with just 66 players left in the lobby, the Two-Time noticed a loot plane flying high above where he was located.

While this in itself is not anything uncommon, what follows was an insanely accurate prediction by the Doc, one that had his Twitch chat reeling.

GfuelThe Doc loves a phone call or two on stream.

As the plane approached, he started speaking in a way that made it sound like he was conversing with the pilot.

“You’re not going to drop that in three, two, one, right on my head, are you?” Sure enough, the crate dropped right at the exact end of the countdown, leading to a swift ‘phone call’ on the Doc’s flip-phone cellular device.

“Yeah, this is the two-time,” the Doc opened with. “No I’m not hacking, I just play the game a lot. I know there’s two other guys in there—yeah yeah, I’ll take care of it.”

However, shortly after the phone call ended, the Twitch star was led to his demise. As he went to collect the crate, he was attacked from two different angles and downed within a minute of hanging up. “He knew, and he drove up.”

The phone call on stream is a classic Dr Disrespect segment, often using it after he lands a nutty shot or an insane prediction. 

Fellow streamer Michael ‘shroud’ Grzesiek is often on the other end of the line when the Two-Time answers his phone, such as when he rang while in the shower after witnessing the Doc hit an impressive snipe. 

It’s part of his showmanship, and adds a little extra dimension to his streams. 

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