Dr Disrespect starts spitting bars after insane Triple-Threat challenge win

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Dr Disrespect began spitting bars on stream after completing an insane Triple-Threat challenge, and fans absolutely loved it.

Dr Disrespect, by far, is one of the most entertaining streamers on the internet. For years now, the two-time champion has pushed boundaries when it comes to making content.

Whether it be his over-the-top personality or studio-level quality broadcasts, the former CoD developer always finds a way to keep his viewers engaged.

In a recent live stream, the YouTube streaming star began spitting some fire bars after completing a challenge, and fans absolutely loved it.

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Dr Disrespect raps on stream after completing challenge

During his April 19 broadcast, the two-time champ was aiming to complete the Triple-Threat challenge — attempting to get a win on three different games in one stream.

The YouTube star started with his daily game of Wordle as a warm-up, which of course, he quickly completed before moving on to PGA — this, too, was no match for the Doc.

While it was smooth sailing so far, he’d soon run into some problems as he battled to get a win on PUBG. But, after almost two hours, he finally managed to get his winner-winner chicken dinner before moving on to Apex Legends.

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However, Apex certainly took its toll on Dr Disrespect, taking the YouTube streamer almost three hours to get his last win of the challenge. Feeling groovy, and with a beat on in the background, the two-time blockbuster champion began spitting some bars — which ultimately led to him working on a full verse.

Timestamp at 6:15:05

After 10 minutes of crafting a few lines on his notepad, he was finally ready to unleash the lyrical masterpiece he created.

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“Drip drip, take a sip, let your mind flip, on a motherf**king lime squeeze tip, click-click let it rip, hello how you doing nine-nine made them quit. Sh sh sh sh sh sh I’m sky high on a trip, so no lip.”

It isn’t the first time we’ve seen Dr Disrespect venture into making music. Over the years, he’s released several songs — which are frequently used throughout his live streams.

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While rapping is different from what he’s released previously, it’s fair to say members of The Champions Club would love a fully produced song.

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