NBA player gives perfect Dr Disrespect imitation on stream

Alan Bernal
meyersleonard / Dr Disrespect Twitch

Miami Heat center Meyers Leonard pulled off an incredibly impressive imitation of Twitch streamer.

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The NBA is filled with some of the most physically talented people in the world. While Leonard popped off for his former Portland Trailblazer team in the 2019 campaign, he’s also been increasingly growing his Twitch stream on the side.

Leonard has been a prominent crossover name in the world of streaming and the NBA. He stamped his investment into FaZe Clan in early 2019, while also repping a pair of custom sneakers during a game against the Los Angeles Lakers.

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NBA-caliber “yayayaya”

But if all that wasn’t enough a clip reemerged in the LiveStreamFails subreddit on August 26 that showed Leonard ready to dethrone the Two-time with an impressive take on the “yayayayaya” call.

The clip starts out with Leonard taking a deep breathe before pounding a whole bottle of water to get his vocal chords ready for a championship-level callout.

With overly large sunglasses equipped, Leonard filled the next 16 seconds of his stream with a loud and impressive “yayaya” that could rival the Doc’s best attempts.

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It seemed like the 7-foot Center was running low on breath since the last few “yayaya”s were getting forced out. But having the mental fortitude of an NBA player, Leonard made sure to round out the attempt with a hard flex.

The NBA rising talent has shown off natural streaming talent in the past.

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NBA center and rising Twitch star?

His streams mainly revolve around Fortnite games with prominent streamers in the scene, but he’s also been attracting larger audiences because of his natural talent to entertain.

In his August 20 stream, Leonard could be seen decked out in his NERF gear with the Fortnite NERF Rocket Launcher in hand shooting at his weasel plush named Rhett.

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While the shot might not land in many highlight reels, it’s a great example at how well Leonard’s personality easily fits into the entertainment life of a Twitch streamer.

Going by his imitation of the Doc, it seems like Leonard is well on his way to having a successful career as a streamer, unless he prefers the fame and success he’s enjoyed so far in the NBA.