Dr Disrespect’s daughter ‘bullies’ him after invading the stream

Scott Robertson

During a twenty-four hour stream, Dr. Disrespect ended up at the mercy of his ‘baby assassin’ daughter, who hijacked the show by telling stories and making threats towards the streamer.

Dr. Disrespect has a massive following on Twitch of around 3.7 million followers. He’s amassed a large Twitter following as well, with 1.2 million followers there. Following his Modern Warfare stream, he shared a clip to his Twitter where his daughter ‘invades’ his stream.

When asked how she snuck into the Champions Arena, she first claimed she didn’t know, but would soon admit she snuck “through the back, where all the other mice sneak through.”

The Doc invited her to tell a scary story, but after multiple failed attempts, he moved to have the intruder removed from the arena’s Control Center. 

The little child lashed out in anger, screaming and threatening to give her fearsome father “a spanking on your butt”, and also threatening to take his candy and poop on him. A clearly rattled Doc tried to restore order on the stream while the invader loudly declared herself to be “a big monster.”

Doc finally had ‘security’ called, and chastised them for not being to handle a girl “one-eighth their size.”

At the time of the interruption, the Two-Time was only less than two hours into a 24-hour stream of Call of Duty Modern Warfare, and was experiencing connection problems with the servers at the time of the intrusion. Most recently, his stream schedule itself was interrupted by a power outage, which caused him to cancel his Halloween stream.

The Two-Time himself has been trying to interrupt the natural order of the streaming landscape, by playing into the rumors of CouRageJD leaving Twitch for another platform, along with DrLupo.

This is not the first time this individual intruder has broken in during a live stream. Almost a year ago today, Doc’s daughter came on the stream, and referred to the streamer as ““Doody-pooty buttcheeks”, and again threatened to poop on him.