Dr Disrespect tops IShowSpeed, TimTheTatman as YouTube Gaming’s most-watched in November

Dr Disrespect on stream giving the knuckles to chat.YouTube: Dr Disrespect

Dr Disrespect’s switch to YouTube Gaming continues to be a successful one as the ‘Two-Time’ topped the watchtime charts for the month of November.

It has been over two years since Dr. Disrespect made the jump to YouTube after being banned from Twitch.

While the reason for his exit from the brand still hasn’t been made public (even after questions about it set the streaming community ablaze for an entire summer,) it’s clear that his audience is as strong as ever.

Not only Dr Disrespect appearing in games like NBA 2K23 and working on his very own FPS, but he was YouTube’s most-watched Gaming creator last month over some stiff competition.

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Dr Disrespect beats out IShowSpeed and TimTheTatman as YouTube Gaming’s most-watched creator

The watchtime list comes courtesy of StreamsCharts, which added a little context to each streamer’s number of viewers and total hours watched.

Dr Disrespect came in third place with a total of 3.36 million Hours Watched overall, falling behind two esports channels, the Overwatch League and Liên Quân Mobile eSports (a Vietnam-based broadcaster of Garena games).

IShowSpeed put up an impressive 2.6 million hours of his own thanks to his World Cup streams and Tim trailed just behind him at 2.5 million.

All three of these streamers put up juggernaut numbers over the last month and it will no-doubt be a close race again in December.

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While this accolade may not come with a trophy of any kind, it’s a surefire sign that each person has some real momentum behind them – and everyone knows that’s one of Dr Disrespect’s three favorite things.