Dr Disrespect reveals his “Puppy Assassin” and it’s adorable

Georgina Smith
Dr Disrespect and Shroud both returned to streaming within a week of each other.
Dr Disrespect (YouTube)

Streamer Dr Disrespect has revealed that he got a brand new puppy named Puppy Assassin, and the internet is losing it over the adorable creature, sharing pictures of their own puppies in response.

It seems like every week hugely popularly streamer Dr Disrespect has a new hot take on a gaming trend, or is going viral with a hilarious clip from one of his streams.

But there’s someone who may well have stolen the scene this time around, and that comes in the form of a tiny new puppy which social media is losing its mind over.

Dr Disrespect leans towards the camera
Dr Disrespect
Dr Disrespect has over three million subscribers on Youtube.

On December 14, Doc uploaded a picture of his brand new furry friend to Twitter, along with the caption, “Don’t let the eyes fool you, I only got 1 hour of sleep last night.”

Best of all, he revealed that the pup’s nickname is ‘Puppy Assassin,’ a brilliant play on a nickname he often uses for his daughter, Baby Assassin.

There was a little discussion in the replies over what breed Puppy Assassin is, but they appear to be a Chocolate Labrador, which seems to be the perfect breed to keep up with Doc’s energy.

People also hopped on to share some pictures of their now fully grown Chocolate Labs (and other breeds of course) featuring them taking up the sofa, wearing clothes, and generally causing chaos.

Streamer DougIsRaw replied, “this is not helping my situation with the Wife. I’ve been holding back,” and it seems like many fans could agree with the sentiment, the adorable image tempting many to look up their nearest animal adoption centre.

This image now has over 47.3 thousand likes on Twitter, with animals always being an easy like magnet.

Fans of the streamer will be hoping that Dr Disrespect will be pulling Puppy Assassin on stream with him every now and again, as people would no doubt love to see the tiny pup grow up alongside Baby Assassin.