Twitch streamer Anita roasts “virgin” YouTuber for bizarre Africa cover

Michael Gwilliam

Sweet Anita is one of the most popular streamers on Twitch with nearly 500,000 followers. While she is most known having Tourettes – resulting in some amusing on-camera moments, she’s also extremely opinionated and isn’t afraid to say what’s on her mind. 

On September 16, the 29-year-old was watching videos with her stream and reacting to them when one viewer suggested she watch  Asian YouTuber Big Marvel’s cover of Africa by Toto. 

The catch? The cover of the 1981 classic is performed with a rubber chicken and has over 3 million views. 

“Of course someone submitted a cock. Har har,” Anita joked, but continued to watch as the music began.

“He’s looking pretty serious with his chicken,” the streamer added, still in bewilderment. “I’m actually legit impressed if that’s real that he has that much control over it.” 

Eventually, the confused entertainer had enough and turned the video off before completely ripping Big Marvel. “You know, sometimes when you look at what people spend their time getting good at, you can tell they’ve never been laid.”

“Sometimes it’s impressive enough that you’re thankful that nobody’s ever touched their genitals. But in that case, when that’s what came of his pent-up energy, I kinda feel sad for him,” she added before turning on another video. 

While the burn was savage and Big Marvel’s virginity status is unknown, what we do know is his YouTube channel has 7.2 million subscribers and he frequently posts content. 

52 weeks ago over on his Instagram, the YouTuber star posted a picture posing with a bunch of women where he joked about being an English professor.

One of his most recent videos is titled “I’M Dating Egyptian Girlfriend Wearing Pharaoh Costume” where he literally wears a pharaoh costume and “dates” a girl. Though he later commented on post saying “She is not real… just Girl / friend and she is so kind and good person.” 

So far, Big Marvel has yet to respond to Anita’s onslaught or even indicated that he saw it. It sure would be impressive if he were able to prove her wrong.

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