Dr Disrespect gun found in Borderlands 3 – how to get, stats, more

Brent Koepp

Players of Gearbox Software’s popular looter shooter Borderlands 3 got a massive kick of adrenaline when it was discovered that the game has a character dedicated to Twitch star Dr Disrespect, and there is even a secret sniper rifle in his honor – here’s how to get it.

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As players continue to explore the many planets in Borderlands 3 to look for hidden easter eggs and pop culture references, the doors were kicked clear off their hinges when Two-Time himself was honored. 

Like the Rick and Morty legendary weapon and the One Punch Man shotgun, Dr Disrespect was discovered to have a character and a weapon based off of him. We’ve got all the details on how you can get your hands on it.

Gearbox Software / 2K Games / YouTube: Glitching QueenA homage to Doc was discovered in the game.
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Where to find the Dr Disrespect mission

Players must first make their way to the iconic planet Pandora where they will need to go to the Devil’s Razor area. Once there, there is a quest called ‘ECHOnet Neutrality’ at the very bottom of the map in the left corner next to the fast travel location named ‘Roland’s Rest’. 

It’s actually the location players will be dropped off upon entering the map for the first time, though you should only expect to reach this location above level 30. The quest will be given by a character named ‘Edgren’ who sports a similar haircut and shades as the Two-Time, and is a former pro gamer. 

Not only will fans be treated to hilarious dialogue that mirrors Doc’s streams, such as his complaints about lag, they will be given a chance to win an Epic sniper rifle themed after him as well.

Gearbox Software / 2K GamesThe location for the Dr Disrespect mission.
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How to get ‘The Two-Time’ sniper rifle

Upon completing the mission, players will be rewarded with an Epic sniper rifle called ‘The Two-Time’. It is a Hyperion model, so it deploys a shield when aiming down the sights and has absurdly high shield health.

While the stats are randomized and scaled based on your level, the rare gun has the perk of being highly effective against shields, and even has a chance for ammunition to be absorbed and put back into the weapon.

Gearbox Software / 2K Games / YouTube: Glitching QueenGearbox honored Doc with a sniper named after his back to back championship wins.
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The gun’s description hilariously reads ‘Back-to-back consecutive champion’, which is a reference to Doc infamously winning the 1993-1994 blockbuster video game world championship – something that has become the cornerstone for his lore.

This is now the second easter egg that Gearbox has dedicated to the Two-Time, as players also discovered a rare mod for Zane, called ‘Forceful Disruptor’ which references his infamous slogan “violence, speed and momentum”.

H/T: Glitching Queen on YouTube.

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The Two-Time is understandably pleased about the weapon addition, and he even tweeted to say how it’s the “best sniper in Borderlands 3”.

Dr Disrespect is one of the most popular streamers on Twitch, with almost 3.7 million followers as of the time of this article.

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