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Dr Disrespect and Gordon Hayward hilariously dispute the NBA star’s height

Published: 19/Feb/2019 13:22 Updated: 19/Feb/2019 13:39

by Connor Bennett


NBA star Gordon Hayward joined up with Dr Disrespect for a few games of Apex Legends – however, things got off to a rocky start as the Twitch streamer quizzed the Boston Celtics player about his true height.

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Hayward, a former NBA All-Star, has been known to stream on Twitch during his downtime and has even appeared at League of Legends LCS events as a guest analyst to discuss games.

However, he wasn’t happy with the Doc’s introduction of him when the pair linked up for some Apex Legends on February 18 – questioning the streamer on how he had gotten his height wrong.


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Respawn EntertainmentHayward spent an hour with the Doc, racking up a number of wins in Apex Legends.

“I just heard you say that I’m 6’7’,” the Boston Celtics star quizzed the Doc, clearly not pleased with this misrepresentation.

 “I mean, looking at your Upper Deck throwback classic Basketball card,” Dr Disrespect responded, “they got you listed at six foot eight and that is a lie.”

However, Hayward explained that his listed height was even more skewed in College as he was said to be 6’9′. However, the Doc didn’t buy that the answer and admitted to giving up on the truth before the NBA Star revealed that he is really 6’8′ – as long as he wears shoes.


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However, the Doc had to get one final jab in, responding to Hayward by saying: “It (wearing shoes) depends what park you play at,” prompting the Celtics star to laugh about their initial interaction.

Despite their minor squabble over Hayward’s supposed height, the pair joined up with TSMViss for an hour-long session of Apex Legends.

In true Doc fashion, the streamer led his teammates in securing a number of wins in the new free-to-play battle royale before Hayward had to head out. However, the Doc left an open invitation to the Celtics star to party up with him anytime.