Dr Disrespect explains why streaming beats TV – and wants a Netflix show

Connor Bennett

Streaming icon Dr Disrespect believes that livestreams are, by and large, better than television these days, seeing as fans can dip in and out without missing much. Though, he wouldn’t say no to a Netflix production of his own. 

Over the past decade, plenty has been made about streaming and YouTube content replacing more traditional forms of entertainment like television and movies.

Many content creators have crossed over between both – especially in the world of sports, where streamers have been able to host their own broadcasts of games – but there has still yet to be a takeover by the up-and-coming outlets, even if they are getting increasingly popular day-by-day.

However, in the case of Dr Disrespect, he believes streaming has become the go-to for fans and replaced television, seeing as fans can enjoy continuous broadcasts that they can fit their days around.

The Doc is never one to shy away from having his opinion on things.

During his April 20 stream, The Doc got a donation from a fan who informed him that they had to stop watching to go to a job interview but they’d returned after a successful trip and were delighted to see him still online.

“That’s one of the beautiful things that’s not really talked about in the world of streaming,” The Doc said about his lengthy streams, noting that people can just drop in and out and rarely miss all that much.

“You get off work, come back and the Two-Time is still up.  The Arena, we’re still rocking! Eight and a half hours later we’re still rolling baby.

“That’s one of the most underrated things about a streamer in comparison to say, what, Jimmy Fallon? What’s he do, he shows up and has to read a script for 45 minutes and goes home. That’s easy, man! Holy s**t.”

Timestamp of 8:19:00

As ever, the Two-Time also saw it as a moment to put an idea out there, urging Netflix to call him for his own late-night show. “Give me a call man, we’ll set the precedent,” he said.

A few years back, The Doc did pen a deal with a TV company for a show based on his iconic persona. Though, who knows if it’ll ever see the light of day. Until then, he’ll still be taking names and winning games on stream.

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