Dr Disrespect hits back at backlash over “politics” ruining Starfield sponsorship

dr disrespect in starfield holding gunYouTube/DrDisrespect

Dr Disrespect responded to recent backlash over a Starfield stream where he revealed his “past controversies” kept Bethesda from wanting to work with them.

As the internet embraced Bethesda’s newest space RPG Starfield, Dr Disrespect went viral after a clip from his stream surfaced when he noticed the game has an option for pronouns in the character creator.

After pulling up the Twitter/X account for Pete Hines, Bethesda’s head of publishing, Doc noticed he had pronouns in his bio and remarked how, “everything’s starting to make sense.”

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The two-time then revealed that he was denied a deal to work with Bethesda due to past “past controversies,” resulting in the clip spreading across social media, which Doc slammed as being taken out of context.

Dr Disrespect responds to controversial Starfield stream

Following the viral clip, Doc decided to address the drama on September 4 where he made it clear he wants to avoid “politics” in general and reiterated comments he made about politics staying out of games.

“As you know on this channel, and it’s been like this since we started, we don’t deal with politics. You just won’t win. You got your extreme left, you got your extreme right. We don’t deal with them,” he said.

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The remarks echoed previous comments by the YouTuber where he called Activision’s decision to remove NICKMERCS’ Call of Duty skin “embarrassing” and said he would never discuss politics.

“It doesn’t matter what your background is or where you’re from. It don’t matter. White, Mexican, Black, gay, lesbian, trans, it don’t matter. You know why? We don’t care inside of the arena,” he beamed. “We just want to get you your front-row ticket. Because it’s showtime here. It’s that simple. We don’t f**king care.”

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It’s still not clear exactly what “past controversies” kept Bethesda from wanting to work with Dr Disrespect. That said, aside from the aforementioned NICKMERCS drama, the streamer was mysteriously banned from Twitch in the summer of 2020, and we still have no idea why.

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