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Dixie D’Amelio & Noah Beck take lie detector test with hilarious results

Published: 13/Dec/2020 20:57 Updated: 13/Dec/2020 21:59

by Charlotte Colombo


In the latest episode of her YouTube series, ‘The Early Late Show With Dixie D’Amelio’, the internet personality announced that she would be joined by boyfriend Noah Beck for a professional lie detector test. While some answers were expected, others were a lot more surprising!

Making good on her promise to make the video after reaching two million views on her first interview with Beck, D’Amelio admits: “I didn’t want to do this, but a promise is a promise – so here we go!”

Dixie was first up on the hotseat, with Beck questioning her while she was hooked up to a polygraph ran by expert John.


While the questions started off innocently enough, as she confirmed to boyfriend Beck that she loved him, she did admit that she couldn’t see herself marrying him when he asked. However, if you’re still hoping for wedding bells, not all hope is lost, as it was confirmed by John that her answer was a “lie”.

Adding to the awkwardness, Beck then grilled D’Amelio on why she never posted about him on social media, asking her if she was “embarrassed” of him. While she said she wasn’t, Noah suggested that she was lying. Luckily, the polygraph confirmed otherwise.


He also asked Dixie if she ever thought about breaking up with him, to which she said “no”. To the shock of Beck and seemingly Dixie herself, that appeared to be a lie, suggesting that she has thought about ending things with her latest beau.

Admitting to the lie, D’Amelio admitted that there was “one time” where she considered it, but asserted to an uncomfortable Beck that she had spoken to him about it before.

“You told me, then ghosted me for a couple days!” Beck interjected.

Instagram: Noah Beck
The lie detector led to some interesting revelations about Noah and Dixie’s relationship.

Luckily, while Beck was going through the questioning, it was confirmed by the polygraph that he was telling the truth when Dixie asked him if he loved her. The test also confirmed that if it came down to it, Beck would fight someone for Dixie. Awww!


With both agreeing that Dixie wears the pants in the relationship, it was perhaps unsurprising that Noah was caught in a lie when he said he wasn’t intimidated by the TikTok starlet.

The most awkward moment came, however, when the polygraph suggested that Beck was lying about not being attracted to YouTuber and D’Amelio family friend James Charles.

As Dixie erupted in laughter, a defeated Beck asked Jonathan: “Why do you keep doing this to me?”

Well, if this video has taught us anything, it is to steer clear from polygraphs!