Disguised Toast wants to bless a small streamer to join their Among Us group

Diguised Toast and Among Us players eating each otherDisguised Toast/InnerSloth

OfflineTV member Jeremy ‘Disguised Toast’ Wang wants to help a rising content creator out by giving them a spot in his group of Among Us players, which contains the likes of Valkyrae, Sykkuno, and Corpse Husband. 

As 2020 began to wrap up, plenty of content creators from Twitch and YouTube (and Facebook in Toast’s case) started to blow up thanks to their Among Us lobbies.

The social deduction game has provided some amazingly comical highlights, as players try to figure out who the imposter is before they have a chance to eliminate everyone else.

Disguised Toast and his group, which includes Valkyrae, Sykkuno, Corpse Husband, and others, are perhaps the most popular collection of Among Us creators out there, and they want to help someone out.

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Among Us continues to be a popular game amongst streamers.

Toast put it out on Twitter that he wanted someone to join the group in a bid to give them a helping hand and a launching pad to become an even bigger creator than they already might be.

“Tag a small streamer that you want to see in our among us lobbies,” he tweeted on February 27. “Let’s blow someone up.”

It didn’t take long before vouches and tags were flooding his replies – with content creators from all over the globe hoping to get involved.

Many showcased their credentials as an OfflineTV fan, others showed they were dedicated Among Us players with crazy cosplays and impressive art, while some others decided to have fun by tagging already established creators.

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Whoever gets the call to join the group, even if it is for a game or two, will no doubt get to show their skills to a huge audience.

They’ll be getting a golden ticket to making it as a successful creator, given how loyal the fans of Toast’s group have shown themselves to be. But, it’ll be up to them to make it count.