Corpse Husband reveals how his YouTube fans saved his life

Alex Tsiaoussidis
Corpse Husband Fans Saved His LifeTwitter: Corpse Husband / Wikimedia Commons

Corpse Husband went from internet-nobody to YouTube superstar at break-neck speed in 2020. The stardom may have saved his life, with Corpse revealing how his YouTube fans “came in clutch” with their support at the perfect time.

Corpse Husband’s popularity skyrocketed in 2020, and the momentum hasn’t slowed down in 2021. But while there are many reasons behind his success, a lot of it has to do with his passionate and dedicated fanbase.

Even though his face remains a mystery, fans are drawn to his deep-voice and enigmatic personality. Many also sympathize with his chronic health issues.

Like most streamers, Corpse Husband is grateful to all his fans and followers. However, in a recent stream, he revealed his gratitude runs deeper. He claimed their support saved his life from misery and debt.

Corpse Husband logo on Times SquareCorpse Husband/Unsplash
Corpse Husband’s following has reached a cult-like status.

“I would be absolutely f**ked right now if I didn’t come up at the time I did and if you guys didn’t help me as much as [you] did,” he said.

“I had just completely run out of money with [all the] medical bills. I’m paying my mom’s rent right now, and she’s on disability and can’t go to work.

“I would be so f**ked in medical debt [and] constantly not going to be able to go to my appointments. My mom would be homeless. You guys really came in clutch  at the right time.”

“It’s f**king crazy to me. Like, one month later, I would have been f**ked. Just so much sh*t. The timing couldn’t have been any better. So, just thank you guys so much for everything.”

It’s crazy to think about his popularity spike from his perspective. In the span of several months, he went from a humble horror story and creepypasta narrator to one of the biggest streamers in the world.

Now, he has more than 7 million subscribers, and the numbers keep on rising. He deserves a lot of credit for his success, but his fans’ relentless support played an important role, too.