Disguised Toast reveals why he ghosted Jacksepticeye for “months”

OfflineTV member Disguised Toast next to YouTuber Jacksepticeye imageYouTube: OfflineTV Podcast / Jacksepitceye

During the OfflineTV podcast, Jeremy ‘DisguisedToast’ Wang opened up to Miachel Reeves about why he avoided Irish YouTuber Jacksepticeye for months. 

After a year hiatus, the OfflineTV podcast made its much anticipated return on October 7, 2021. The revamped show saw members Disguised Toast and Michael Reeves co-hosting the new iteration.

In the first episode back, Toast revealed a hilarious story about ghosting the group’s close-friend Jacksepticeye. The streamer actually had a good reason for why he didn’t answer the Irish YouTuber’s messages for months.

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Screenshot of Michael Reeves and Disguised Toast during OfflineTV podcastYouTube: OfflineTV Podcast
Toast revealed his Jacksepticeye story during the return of the OfflineTV podcast.

Disguised Toast ghosted Jacksepticeye for months

During the podcast episode, the streamer opened up to co-host Michael Reeves about a story he had with Jacksepticeye. “I reached out to Jacksepticeye to check up on him, and then he sent a really long and nice message back,” he said.

The streamer revealed that he wasn’t in the right head space to respond to the YouTuber’s lengthy reply. “We were talking about creative fulfillment, and he sent me something really long. It was late at night and I was inebriated, and I’m like “I can’t reply to this.”

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Wang then explained that he went months without reaching back to him. “This kind of detailed response warrants a quality response. So…it’s been two months. And every day, literally every day, in the back of my head it will pop up “ah f**k, I need to respond to  Jack. Because Jack is a super nice guy.”

(Topic starts at 7:59)

Disguised Toast clarified that he felt really awful about not responding. “I’m just like, ‘Oh God, I’m the biggest a**hole in the world. This guy is super nice, super famous and took the time to type all of this out,” he exclaimed before  apologizing. “Jack, I read it. I’m sorry I didn’t reply. I swear to God. If you could be the first one to message me back and say you saw this, that would be great. Thank you.”

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Hilariously, the popular YouTuber did see the podcast and ended up responding to Toast ghosting him for months. “I can’t believe you’ve done this…” he jokingly commented on the video.

Jacksepticeye YouTube comment left on OfflineTV podcast videoYouTube: OfflineTV Podcast
The Irish YouTuber responded to Disguised Toast’s story about him.

Despite ignoring his good friend for months, the OfflineTV content creator had a good reason for why he didn’t respond. According to Michael Reeves who also ghosts, the reason behind them doing it is anxiety.

“I’m in a perpetual timeline of ghosting four people at a time. It’s anxiety inducing to to respond to people!” he said.

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