Disguised Toast reveals awkward way he met Mizkif for the first time

OfflineTV streamer Disguised Toast next to Twitch star MizkifTwitch: DisguisedToast / Mizkif

Disguised Toast opened up about how his first time hanging out with Twitch streamer Mizkif turned awkward after the OTK owner visited the OfflineTV house.

During his December 3 broadcast, Jeremy ‘Disguised Toast’ Wang detailed the hilarious moment that he met fellow streamer Mizkif outside of his room.

The Among Us star explained how the One True King org creator surprised him while he was visiting the OfflineTV house.

Disguised Toast reveals hilarious Mizkif story

While Disguised Toast has met Mizkif in passing previously, the 30-year-old explained that he had never hung out with the OTK streamer before. However, their first time meeting up quickly turned awkward.

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“Mizkif, who I had never really hung out with, was in my living room, eating my sushi,” he began. “I ordered a giant platter of sushi for dinner, but I was in a call. And then I come out and open up my door and I see Mizkif in my living room eating my sushi.

“I’m like ‘Bro…What the…Hey, how’s it going man?!’,” he joked. “I’m glad you think so highly of me that you felt comfortable eating my f**king sushi right in my face, in my living room.”

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Disguised Toast then broke down laughing and admitted, “but I think it’s because he knew I would be okay with sharing.” After the clip went viral on Reddit, Mizkif reacted to it on stream and gave his side of the story.

“Chat, you don’t understand how much sushi they bought. They bought the ENTIRE Atlantic Ocean. It was a giant plate,” he laughed. “And I asked KKatamina if I’m allowed to eat it. And she said ‘yes you can’.”

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So it appears the culprit was KKatamina, who had told Mizkif it was okay to eat Disguised Toast’s dinner. All jokes aside, the OfflineTV star wasn’t actually mad and found the situation amusing.

Wang also backed up the OTK owner’s claims and admitted that the platter of food was actually pretty massive and bought for the whole house.