Valkyrae explains why YouTube banned Ludwig: “It would have happened on Twitch”

YouTuber Valkyrae next to streamer LudwigYouTube: Valkyrae / Ludwig

Valkyrae weighed in on Ludwig receiving a ban on YouTube just a couple of days after joining the platform. According to the 100 Thieves co-owner, he would have been banned on Twitch for the same thing. 

Days after signing exclusively with YouTube, Ludwig Ahgren found himself on the receiving end of a ban from the Google-owned platform. The 26-year-old’s account was flagged with a DMCA claim.

Reacting to the suspension, streamer Rachell ‘Valkyrae’ Hofstetter explained why his channel would have also been temporarily banned on Twitch as well.

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Valkyrae reacts to Ludwig’s YouTube ban

During her December 2 livestream, Valkyrae addressed Ludwig’s suspension and explained why it happened. “First of all, he’s not banned,” she said. “His stream was taken down, probably for copyright issues.”

Hofstetter followed up her breakdown of the situation and argued Ahgren would have faced the same issues on Twitch. “I’m sure this would have happened equally on Twitch,” she continued.

The 100 Thieves co-owner then replied to Ludwig’s tweet about the ban and said “It was a good two days,” before jokingly exclaiming, “Goodbye Ludwig, goodbye.”

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Valkyrae wasn’t the only streamer to react to his temporary YouTube ban. Twitch star Hasan ‘HasanAbi’ Piker was floored by the suspension and teased Ahgren by making fun of his announcement video.

Piker then played the clip of Ludwig saying that he could now play music on his YouTube streams without getting into trouble. “Ohhh, that makes his suspension so much funnier, dude. NOT in this car!” he laughed. “What happened?! Guess what!”

Ludwig would later open up about the ban and seemingly confirm that his channel was flagged with a DMCA strike after playing a few seconds of the viral kid’s song ‘Baby Shark’ during his December livestream.

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At the time of writing, Ahgren’s channel is suspended from going live. His account, however, is still able to upload content, making his first week on YouTube a little bit of a rough start, to say the least.

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