Disgruntled Dunkin’ Donuts employee goes viral with “nasty” secrets on TikTok

Flickr: Mike Mozart (CC BY 2.0) https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0/legalcode

A (probably soon-to-be-ex) Dunkin’ Donuts employee’s TikTok account has gone viral after they revealed some surprising secrets about the way the fast-food chain operates and makes some of your favorite snacks.

TikTok user ‘hannz57′, also known as Hannah, has shocked viewers throughout March by posting TikToks revealing some surprising facts about the popular donut restaurant.

Her first video, which was posted on 22 March, has amassed a total of 6.4 million views. Clad in her Dunkin’ Donuts uniform, she took viewers behind the scenes to the food preparation area, showing them how meats like bacon and sausages are cooked there. As well as this, she revealed that the chain’s much-loved ‘Sweet Cold Foam’ is actually whipped cream by a brand called Reddi-Whip, while also revealing that the Pink Velvet and Vanilla syrup are “exactly the same thing.”

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In the video, she also called out Dunkin’ for their food hygiene standards, as she exposed the “nasty”, grime-filled creamer tank she had to make customers’ drinks in.

As the video blew up, viewers started to make requests as to what secrets they wanted Hannah to reveal next, and in a second TikTok posted on 30 March, it looks like she did just that, as she responded to user ‘xosophiaaox5’s request to reveal how Dunkin’s avocado toast was made. To some viewers’ surprise, the ‘avocado’ spread on their toast was not fresh avocado, but pre-packaged guacamole which, according to Hannah, “smells like tuna.”

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This video was also a hit, amassing 4.6 million views in total. This means that both videos have a combined viewership of 10 million, as well as a combined 1.8 million likes.

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Some viewers were confused by Hannah’s videos, claiming that the standards were normal for a fast-food chain. One TikTok user asked in a comment that got over 6ok likes, “so what exactly are you exposing”, while another user pointed out that “this isn’t exactly stop the pressers type stuff.”

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Other commenters mocked viewers for being surprised that Dunkin Donuts don’t use fresh avocado, with one user saying: “It’s literally Dunkin’ Donuts. Did ya’ll really expect them to be mashing real avocados in the back?”

Meanwhile, Hannah’s video also prompted other Dunkin’ workers to share their experiences. While some workers questioned the store’s hygiene – with one employee commenting “my Dunkin’s is actually clean it’s just yours babe” – another former employee revealed that they had encountered worse at their own Dunkin’s chain, as they revealed that “management was so bad that we had maggots growing in the iced coffee machine.”

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With Hannah looking set to quit in the near future, and these videos no doubt catching the attention of her bosses, it is unclear if she will be able to reveal any more secrets about her job before she hangs up her apron for good.

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