MrBeast launches “sub attack” for Ludwig’s Twitch subathon with Tubbo, Dream & more

Ludwig next to MrBeastTwitch: Ludwig / IG: MrBeast

YouTuber and philanthropist Jimmy ‘MrBeast’ Donaldson has mobilized a hilarious “sub attack” on Twitch streamer Ludwig to ensure his remarkable subathon keeps going. 

25-year-old streamer Ludwig Ahgren has been a big name on Twitch for some time now, but his ongoing subathon must have surpassed even his wildest expectations.

His stream was structured like classic subathons, with 10 seconds of time being added on for each subscription received. In short, it’s up to the viewers to decide when the stream ends.

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What Ludwig probably wasn’t counting on, though, was some of the social internet’s biggest names weighing in to make sure his stream doesn’t end too soon.

Ludwig sat in a race car bed on TwitchTwitch: Ludwig
Ludwig has over 90,000 subscribers now, making him the most subbed to creator on Twitch.

On April 3, with Ludwig’s stream in some jeopardy, MrBeast asked the Twitch star to let him know when his stream is about to end so he can come in and save it. “Let me know if your stream is about to end so I can come in and drop some subs to screw you,” the YouTube star joked. Ludwig responded to ask MrBeast to bury himself underground for 100 hours – or until the subathon finally ends.

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Never one to be deterred easily, though, MrBeast came back to “call all influencers”, saying that he was “mobilizing a sub attack on Ludwig”. The streamer, rather hilariously, threatened to block Donaldson.

With the resources at MrBeast’s disposal, regularly donating thousands of dollars to unsuspecting streamers, Ludwig’s subathon doesn’t appear any closer to ending.

Donaldson isn’t even alone in his efforts to prolong Ludwig’s pain, drafting in Dream, Tubbo and Smallant to help. The trio dropped into the stream, upping the time left from 5 minutes to an hour.

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The stream has already been going for over two weeks, but Ludwig’s pain does not seem to be stopping. Now MrBeast’s on the case, we expect to see the stream continue for much, much longer.

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