Dillon Danis exposes texts with Logan Paul revealing YouTuber pulled out of fight

Dillon Danis exposes texts with Logan Paul 1YouTube: Logan Paul, TheMacLife

Mixed martial artist Dillon Danis leaked his DMs with YouTube star Logan Paul, claiming the ‘Maverick’ pulled out of a fight with him as the Misfits ‘PRIME’ card looms on the horizon.

Logan Paul is currently recovering from a series of injuries he sustained during his high-flying WWE Universal bout against Roman Reigns on November 5.

Despite being out of the action with a torn meniscus, MCL, and ACL, he’s still in on the internet drama after MMA hero Dillon Danis exposed his text messages with Paul — alongside some big claims about a potential fight between them.

Danis shared a screenshot of his alleged DMs with Paul on November 13. Logan started the conversation by asking, “Heard you signed?” as though referencing a fight contract.

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Dillon Danis claims Logan Paul pulled out of fight contract

“Think I wouldn’t?” Danis replied. “Time for you to stop the cycle [and] clean your system.” Danis added a syringe emoji to his message, seemingly accusing the YouTuber of using performance-enhancing drugs — not the first time Paul’s been accused of such practices.

“My gut tells me you’re going to back out but I’m excited I get to finally f*ck you up,” Paul responded. “Don’t let the pressure scare ya.”

Danis captioned the text exchange with a damning accusation, saying that Paul purportedly pulled out of their proposed fight.

“Guess who pulled out?” Danis wrote. “The Paul Sisters will never fight a real fighter.”

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Logan Paul Dillon Danis textsInstagram: dillondanis

Danis’ claims follow Paul’s knee injuries, but it’s unclear if this prompted the YouTuber to allegedly pull out of the bout, if Dillon’s screenshot is to be believed.

This is far from the first time a possible fight has been teased between these two stars; in fact, Paul was rumored to fight Danis on the highly-anticipated Misfits 4 ‘PRIME’ card in January 2023, who was also game to take on the ‘Maverick’ at the event.

Thus far, Paul has yet to respond to Danis’ latest claims, but it’s certain that he won’t appear on the PRIME card as KSI claimed his business partner’s injuries will most likely keep him out of the ring until he recovers.

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