Dillon Danis scuffles with KSI and Anthony Taylor ahead of Misfits Boxing event

KSI dillon danis fightJJ Olatunji | YouTube

During the weigh-in for the Misfits Boxing x DAZN Series 003 event, Dillon Danis walked up to KSI during the live-streamed event and started a fight, resulting in the two being split up by security.

Dillon Danis claimed that Logan Paul pulled out of a fight they were supposed to have due to injuries sustained by Paul during his WWE bout against Roman Reigns. A fight that was, according to Danis, going to be on the Misfits Boxing x DAZN Series 003 event’s fight card.

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Danis showed up to the weigh-in for the event and walked directly up to KSI, another boxer there to help Misfits’ efforts to promote the event and hype things up. But Dillon seemed keen on pulling KSI into the ring with him.

He walked up to the prolific influencer boxer during the live-streamed weigh-in, asking KSI to “sign the contract,” followed by threatening to choke him out. “You want me to choke you out right here?” From there, chaos ensued.

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KSI and Dillon Danis clash at Misfits Boxing weigh-in

KSI didn’t take Danis’ comment sitting down. He followed up by saying, “I could knock you out if I wanted to.” in reply. The two taunted each other until Dillon Danis threw the first punch.

The two went from smiling at each other and having a small argument to an all-out brawl in less than a second. Someone’s drink spilled, getting the camera wet as the entire venue turned into a flurry of motion.

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The two were eventually separated, and the broadcast got back on track after the unexpected interruption. But Danis wasn’t done.

Footage from minutes later showed the boxer brawling with Anthony Taylor outside of the venue in what would turn into a group brawl.

Those watching the weigh-in in-person and at home got more than they bargained for.

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