Dillon Danis reveals heated DMs from Logan Paul: “Why you so scared?”

Dillon Danis Logan PaulInstagram: Dillon Danis / YouTube: Logan Paul

MMA fighter Dillon Danis has tweeted a screenshot of a heated private text conversation with YouTuber Logan Paul following his beef with Jake Paul.

Public spats between Dillon and Jake are unsurprising, as their beef has been brewing for years. The two stars have gone back and forth across social media multiple times in the past.

Most recently, Jake has tried to taunt various rivals into a boxing match. Now that Paul boasts a 2-0 record after beating Nate Robinson, he’s on the prowl for new opponents. Jake has also been taunting Conor McGregor, putting up $50 million dollars to try and make a fight happen.

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Danis is also high on that list. On December 15, Jake posted a video to Twitter that showed him rolling up and tossing water balloons and toilet paper at Danis while the fighter gave an interview streetside in LA, before driving off and laughing.

Now it seems that Dillon has issues with both of the Paul brothers. Dillon tweeted a screenshot of his conversation with Logan captioning it “Family of Pussies” and adding “#fuckthepauls.”

In the text conversations, Dillon asks Logan why he banned him from his fight, to which Logan responds “I know you’re a clout-chasing lil b**ch who can’t keep my name out your mouth.”

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Dillon then responds “wow so hostile, you film dead people for clout don’t speak about clout chasing to me my song… why you so scared of me I’m not gonna harm you kiddo,” while Logan describes him as a “dummy” and a “doorknob.”

If Dillon wants to fight Logan over Jake, it’s unlikely to happen anytime soon, with Logan set to fight the undefeated champion, Floyd Mayweather, in February.

At the time of writing Jake hasn’t persuaded Conor McGregor or Dillon Danis to get in the ring, but with the sheer amount of money involved it wouldn’t be surprising to see a match go down in the new year.

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