Destiny leaks his “unhinged” drunk DMs to LilyPichu

Virginia Glaze
Destiny shares hilarious drunk dms with lilypichu

Popular streamer Destiny couldn’t stop laughing after exposing his “unhinged” drunk DMs with fellow broadcaster LilyPichu during her visit to TwitchCon in San Diego.

Destiny is a popular streamer on YouTube, who often broadcasts debates with other streamers or political commentators.

Although Destiny has been known to poke the hornet’s nest from time to time, he’s a staple in the streaming community and is often on top of the scene’s biggest drama — something Pokimane noted during one of her recent streams.

After checking out Poki’s comments about him during one of his own broadcasts, Destiny felt the need to do a “real exposé” on himself, deciding to share his hilarious drunk DMs with fellow streamer LilyPichu.

Destiny shares hilarious “drunk” DMs with LilyPichu

According to Destiny, Lily had visited San Diego for TwitchCon, and he really, really wanted to hang out with her… but says they were likely both pretty drunk at the time.

“Lily came to San Diego and went to the zoo. I was begging her all night, ‘Lily, please. Lily, where are you? Lily, I wanna meet you,'” Destiny explained. “And Lily said, ‘F**k you.'”

“I’m reading over my DMs. I am unhinged!” he continued, unable to control his laughter at the situation. “I think I’m just really drunk. I think we were both trying to call each other, but I think we were both drunk.”

(Topic begins at 0:30)

He pulled up a screenshot of their message history and instantly broke into laughter, showing off an exchange rife with crying emojis and hearts.

“Are you coming back?” Destiny asked in the messages, followed by a series of emojis.

“I’m leaving,” Lily replied. “Tonight.”

Destiny apparently tried to give her a call, but she didn’t pick up, prompting him to reply: “Dude, you are seriously ignoring my calls.”

Lily then attempted to call him, but like ships passing in the night, their attempts at connecting failed.

Destiny LilyPichu DMs Discord

Destiny couldn’t help but find the interaction hilarious — and neither could his chat, who didn’t hold back on giving the streamer a few “bruhs” in response.

Right now, Lily is enjoying her new exclusive streaming contract with YouTube, which she signed back in July after a decade on Twitch.

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