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Destiny explains why he’s been banned on Twitch again

Published: 10/Jan/2020 9:38

by Matt Porter


Popular streamer Steven ‘Destiny’ Bonnell has had his channel on Twitch suspended again after accidentally showing an inappropriate image during a live broadcast.

While streaming live to your audience can cultivate relationships and create hilarious moments in real-time, broadcasting also comes with a significant risk, as one slip up or misclick is beamed live to the world before you even have a chance to react, often leading to punishments for those who find themselves on the wrong side of these incidents.

Showing anything that breaks the rules likely to earn you a suspension of some sort, and it appears that streamer Destiny has fallen foul of this scenario for a second time, with his account getting taken down on January 8.


Twitch: DestinyDestiny has had his channel suspended for the third time.

Why was Destiny suspended?

News of Destiny’s Twitch ban broke on January 8, when the StreamerBans Twitter bot posted that his account had been taken down for a third time.

Many were confused as to why the streamer, who regularly plays League of Legends alongside a variety of other titles, had been issued with another punishment, however, the 31-year-old had actually revealed the reason in his Twitch chat the moment he received the email informing him of his impending suspension. According to Destiny, Twitch banned him for showing an inappropriate “thumbnail” on his screen for “like [half a] second,” something which breaks the site’s Terms of Service. “Are you serious?” he asked, clearly frustrated by the situation. “F**k this sh*t.”


This isn’t the first time he has been banned for showing an inappropriate image on stream, with Destiny receiving a three-day ban back in November 2019 for a similar incident.

OverRustleLogsDestiny is not happy with this suspension.

How long is Destiny’s ban?

While his last suspension for an incident like this lasted 72 hours, Destiny confirmed that he would only be gone for 24 hours this time, a significantly shorter period for his fans who won’t have to wait days to see their favorite streamer back in action.

With the 31-year-old’s Twitch ban coming into effect late on January 9, Twitch viewers can expect to see him live again towards the end of Friday, January 10 when his ban lapses, or on Saturday, January 11.