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Destiny banned on Twitch after opening inappropriate image on stream

Published: 10/Nov/2019 23:52 Updated: 11/Nov/2019 15:09

by Brent Koepp


Popular Twitch personality Steven ‘Destiny’ Bonnell revealed that his account would be receiving a ban after he accidentally showed a nude picture on the streaming platform during his broadcast.

One of the risks of interacting with your audience when streaming is that you are open to being trolled, or accidentally clicking something risqué by mistake. Even if it’s not intended, showing anything that breaks the rules can get you banned.

Destiny learned this the hard way when he was browsing a Twitch partner’s Twitter page and accidentally showed a nude image of them which netted him with a suspension from the streaming platform.


The popular streamer opened up to his audience a day before the ban went into effect during his stream on November 9, and informed them that his account would be getting a ban later that night. “I guess I don’t really care much, because technically I’m going out of town,” he prefaced. 

“But apparently I’m getting a 3-day suspension tonight,” he said, before calling it the “ultimate irony”, and asked his chat to guess what he did to get a ban, before he broke into laughter. 

Destiny then revealed that he had been banned for accidentally showing a nude picture of fellow Twitch partner ‘Alebrelle’ during a previous broadcast. “I’m actually so triggered. Because of the naked f*cking Alebrelle tweet that I opened!” he exclaimed. 


The Twitch star was browsing Twitter during a previous broadcast, and read a “body positivity” tweet which contained a nude side shot of the streamer sitting at a piano. Apparently this was enough for Twitch to give him a three-day suspension. 

While it’s unclear what the streamer meant by calling it ironic, Destiny and Alebrelle have had a negative exchange in the past, when the latter made some harsh comments on the former’s personal life.

The suspension will only be for three days, though, and should serve as a lesson to any streamer to be careful what they look at during their broadcast – even sites like Twitter can be full of landmines that can land them a ban.