Destiny calls out Hasan Discord for “spamming” racial slurs about him

destiny hasanYouTube: Destiny / Twitch: HasanAbi

YouTube streamer Steven ‘Destiny’ Borell took a moment in his stream to directly call out users in Hasan Abi’s Discord server, accusing them of using racial slurs about him, and in particular the nationality of his parents.

Destiny and Hasan have had a long-standing feud, the result of many political and non-political debates, with the pair rarely associating with each other now.

Although they have gone their separate ways, particularly since Destiny’s move from Twitch to YouTube, they still often fire shots at each other while live.

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On September 22, amid the waves of streaming drama, Destiny directly called out users in Hasan’s Discord server, showing screenshots of the use of racial slurs, which Destiny claims are directed at him.

“If you happen to be a member of Hasan’s Discord, and you ever feel like reporting this place racism… For some reason, they find it funny and hilarious to spam a whole bunch of racial slurs, related to me in their Discord.

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“If you happen to be a member in there, go ahead and report the server to Discord. I don’t know if they would ban them or not, but I personally think racism on the internet is super not cool.”

“I know that Hasan was already banned one time from Twitch, for being racist, by using slurs against white people, or other people,” Destiny continued.

“Just saying, I don’t know why they think it’s appropriate, in a moderated Discord, to be spamming slurs like crazy in there. Especially some that are directed toward me, or my nationality, or the nationality of my parents.”

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Destiny’s mother is Cuban-American. One of the terms used translates to ‘worm’, and is used as a pejorative against Cubans in the US in particular.

Discord’s community guidelines call for users to report servers if they break the rule to not “organize, promote, or participate in hate speech or hateful conduct.”