Destiny and Hasan tensions flare up again over use of a “slur” on stream

Jacob Hale
hasan and destiny twitch beef
Twitch: Destiny, HasanAbi

Twitch streamers Steven ‘Destiny’ Bonnell and Hasan ‘HasanAbi’ Piker are at war with each other once again, with Destiny accusing Hasan of using a racially charged slur on stream.

Destiny and Hasan don’t exactly have a history of getting along and have frequently found themselves at odds with each other.

The latest incident between the two sees Destiny accusing Hasan of hypocrisy for his take on the word ‘Gusano’.

This is a Spanish word that directly translates to mean ‘worm’ but seemingly has more sinister connotations in Cuba, with Destiny himself a Cuban-American. Destiny has called Hasan out on it, but the political streamer isn’t backing down.

After listening to Hasan’s take on the term, Destiny wasn’t buying it at all and argued that the former was clearly in the wrong.

“It just means worm?” asked Destiny after Hasan said that this means it couldn’t be a slur. “The word ‘negro’ is just black in Spanish. Or wetback just means sweaty back in Spanish. How stupid do you have to be to say something like this?

“How many racial slurs just mean something? Or like the F slur, which just means ‘a bundle of sticks’. So why would someone say gusano instead of just calling them a worm?”

Hasan did some digging through his chat logs and found Destiny in his chat telling him to “go back to Turkey” and calling him a “f**king retard.”

Destiny responded to this saying that it was a “bad joke” that he “shouldn’t have made” — but that it was a poor example for Hasan to use.

The rift between these two clearly remains, and Destiny and his viewers aren’t impressed with Hasan’s opinion on the use of the word.