Destiny banned from Twitch after guest flashes inappropriate image

Twitch: Destiny

Political streamer Steven ‘Destiny’ Bonnel has had his Twitch account suspended, following a bizarre incident where a guest on his stream flashed an image of Hunter Biden in a compromising situation.

Destiny is a veteran streamer on the platform, but lost his partnership in late 2020 after it was said that he had appeared to promote violence towards protesters.

He still streams regularly on Twitch, but has been forced into a temporary break after an incident with a guest.

On his stream on April 28, Destiny was debating with a conservative commentator, who had at one point claimed to have the contents of Hunter Biden’s hacked laptop.

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Destiny guest risks ban

During the stream, the guest at one point turns their phone screen to the camera, showing one of the alleged images of Hunter Biden with two women.

Clearly, this is against Twitch terms of service, and despite Destiny’s immediate reaction and quickly getting the content off-screen, it seems the damage was done.

On April 29, Destiny’s channel was no longer available on the platform, due to a suspension for sexual content.

Twitch channel bannedTwitch
Visitors to Destiny’s channel will be met with the dreaded time machine message.

It’s unknown how long the ban will last, but suspensions typically run from 24 hours to 7 days. For more severe violations of community guidelines, they can be as long as 30 days, or permanent if a repeat violation.

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At the time of his ban, Destiny has over 650,000 followers, and was averaging around 4,500 viewers on any given stream.

Most of his streams are in the Just Chatting section, although he does also dabble in games.

He has been a streamer since Twitch was, originally best known as a Starcraft streamer, before moving almost exclusively to becoming a political commentator and streamer.