Demi Lovato tells Joe Rogan she was “minutes from dying” during relapse

Bill Cooney
Joe Rogan/YouTube

Singer Demi Lovato revealed the close call that almost cost her her life during a recent appearance on the Joe Rogan Experience podcast.

Lovato is undeniably a massive celebrity, but that attention means that the issues she’s faced throughout her career are constantly under the microscope.

During episode #1625 of the Joe Rogan Experience podcast, Lovato revealed to fans and Rogan that, while she’s now sober, things almost ended tragically during her battle with drug addiction in 2018.

Frank Schwichtenberg
Lovato is no stranger to fame, but she opened up to Rogan with new details about her struggles with addiction.

While discussing how she used marijuana (one of Rogan’s favorite topics) to help her recover from serious drug addiction, the 28-year-old described the harrowing experience of her most serious overdose.

“I overdosed on crack and heroin laced with fentanyl, and I OD’d in 2018 — that experience was a near death experience for me, the doctors told me I had 5-10 minutes before it was too late,” Lovato revealed. “I had three strokes, a heart attack, multiple organ failure…and I still have brain damage.”

She explained that the brain damage includes hearing loss and even blind spots in her vision that even prevent her from driving.

“So even your face, I see your eyeballs, but I don’t see your nose, your mouth or even your microphone,” she told Rogan after the host asked her what she could see. “It looks like I looked at the sun.”

Topic starts at 4:30 for mobile users.

Drug addiction is still taboo to discuss even though it’s a widespread issue, but Lovato seemed perfectly fine talking about her past issues with Rogan, and how she’s using her power and fame to try and help out others.

While Lovato is still struggling with the effects of addiction even after recovery, like most addicts do, she’s managed to make it through the ordeal and is coming out with her seventh studio album “Dancing with the Devil … The Art of Starting Over” in April 2021.