Deji lashes out at KSI’s new track, ‘Beerus’

Deji, KSI - YouTube

Popular YouTuber Deji Olatunji is in the midst of a bitter feud with his older brother, YouTuber ‘KSI.’ KSI released his track ‘Beerus’ on December 14 alongside his cameraman, Randolph – and Deji gave the song a scathing review.

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Deji began his review of the track by claiming that his brother suffers from a “god complex,” referencing the title of KSI’s previous diss track, ‘Ares,’ and comparing it to the title of his latest song, ‘Beerus.’ The title references the popular Dragon Ball character Beerus, otherwise known as the ‘God of Destruction,’ who is a main antagonist in the series with incredible power.

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“He’s called the ‘God of Destruction,’ and you’re telling me my brother doesn’t have a god complex,” Deji began. “First Aries, now he’s the God of Destruction. You can say he doesn’t have a god complex, but you know what, yeah, cool.”

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Deji went on to slam Sidemen member Randolph, admitting that he would “happily punch him in the face” if he ever saw him again. He even claimed that Randolph was responsible for ruining his relationship with KSI, implying that the cameraman is an avid brown-noser.

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“You can suck my dick,” Deji said to Randolph. “You can choke, bitch. Honestly, I hate you.”

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Despite Deji’s enmity with his brother, he went on to state that KSI’s rapping “wasn’t bad,” visibly jamming along to the beat.

KSI has since revealed that he is going on tour, hoping that ‘Beerus’ will get audiences “hype” and give them “something to mosh to.”

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