IRL streamer left in shock after being groped in public on broadcast

A Korean IRL streamer broadcasting on Twitch was left shocked and angered after she randomly groped by a passerby while live streaming in public.

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IRL streaming, often considered a niche category on the mainly video game streaming platform, has grown significantly in popularity over recent years.

Many streamers now broadcast their daily lives for hours every day, either at home or while out in public, meeting friends, eating out and going to events.

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Due to the nature of the content, streamers can grow a large and very loyal following, which is solely based on their personality and not tied to any particular video game or game genre.

However, it can be risky, and there have been countless incidents of streamers getting into trouble while filming in public places, sometimes attracting unwanted attention from other people.

A very extreme example of this took place on December 18, when Korean Twitch streamer ‘Hikikko’ (힛키코) was groped, very forcefully, by a passerby.

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The Twitch channel has since been taken down for unknown, possibly unrelated reasons, but the clip was quickly shared around social media and Reddit.

A Korean speaker attempted to translate what was said, claiming the woman exclaimed “Hey! Hey you fucking lunatic! Hey you over there! Come back”, apparently taunting the assaulter to try it again.

It appears that the assailant managed to flee and so it’s unlikely they were ever caught for their actions, and they are certainly not identifiable from the footage itself.

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The individual likely would not have known that the incident was in fact being live streamed, perhaps mistaking the camera being used for a selfie.

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