Deji defends Logan Paul against KSI, claims he’s “disgusted” with his brother

Virginia Glaze

Popular YouTuber Deji Olatunji continues to take shots at his older brother KSI, claiming that he is “disgusted” by his reaction to Logan Paul’s emotional end of year video, among other complaints.

Deji uploaded a response to KSI’s reaction video on January 5, where he took issue with his brother’s comments toward a clip from Logan Paul’s 2018 recap.

KSI broke into laughter at a clip of Logan giving a weepy embrace to his younger brother, Jake, which appeared to have been filmed just after the KSI vs Logan Paul boxing match on August 25, 2018. KSI expressed some confusion as to why Logan was crying and even went on to insult his rival, calling him a “pussy” for his emotional response to the bout.

Deji didn’t understand why KSI’s reaction to the video was humorous, and admitted that he’d congratulated Paul on the video, claiming that it “touched” him to the point that he’d sent his compliments in a text to the YouTuber.

“Why is he laughing at Logan crying?” Deji asked. “…that shit touched me. It touched me to the point that I texted him. I texted him saying I loved it, it was amazing, it absolutely touched me. It motivated me.”

Deji went on to respond to his brother’s reaction toward a few of his own videos, referencing their family feud and claiming that he’s moved on from the beef – despite his brother’s scathing comments toward him.

“This guy has literally been shitting on me for years,” Deji continued. “I’ve honestly moved on from that whole beef, yet he’s still reacting to it. … I’m disgusted. I don’t even want to watch this.”

Despite their parent’s claims that the two are currently talking it out, the brothers continue to clash via social media, with Deji’s video being the latest in a string of spats amongst the family.

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