Twitch under fire after official ‘Food’ Channel shows joint rolling on girl’s ass

Twitch / Food

Twitch’s official “Food” channel partnered with ‘cannabis enthusiasts’ PRØHBTD, but the content provided by the company has prompted scrutiny online.

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In one segment, two women are seen to be rolling a joint, as one of them uses the other’s back and behind to help hold everything in place.

The clip, live streamed on the official Twitch ‘Food’ channel on January 4, was quickly shared to Reddit, as commenters suggested it was possibly in breach of Twitch’s own terms of service and community guidelines.

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Twitch has faced criticism already in January, after a streamer who allegedly assaulted his pregnant wife on stream was allowed to return to the platformTwitch later permanently removed the channel.

Another streamer claimed to have accidentally streamed topless after not realizing her camera was still broadcasting, receiving a three day suspension, which some felt was too lenient.

However, in this instance Twitch operates the channel in question, so the broadcasting of this content (see below) would be an internal issue between Twitch and the partner, PRØHBTD.

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Twitter users responded to the new content on the official Food channel very negatively, calling it ‘vapid’, and were perplexed at the channel being marked as ‘Family Freindly’. Others called it a “slap in the face” to fans of the traditional content on ‘Food’.

Some users were surprised to discover that the Food channel was an official Twitch channel, with this kind of ‘boundary pushing’ content typically consigned to lesser known channels.

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Out of context, the clip is certainly bizarre, but even given the context, it appears odd that this kind of content would be streamed from an official Twitch channel.

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