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D&D streamer Arcadum sparks backlash by returning to Twitch after abuse allegations

Published: 13/Oct/2021 16:51

by Jacob Hale


Just six weeks after Dungeons & Dragons Twitch streamer Jeremy ‘GloriousArcadum’ Black was accused of sexual and emotional abuse, he has made his return to Twitch.

On August 31, a number of claims came out against Arcadum, with some co-ordinated to release on the same day. Former female friends of accused the streamer of varying levels of abuse, including one instance of physical assualt.

It was alleged that on August 26, Arcadum reached out to multiple women with whom he was friends, explaining that he was going to “block, and ban all the girls he had been involved with or close with” in an attempt to save his relationship with streamer Tiffany Tiefling.


He posted a response to the accusations on September 2, and explained that he would be taking a break from streaming while seeking out therapy for personal issues.

GloriousArcadum on Twitch
Twitch: GloriousArcadum
Arcadum announced his Twitch break on September 2.

While there was no time frame provided for Arcadum’s return, many have expressed surprise at the haste of his return, just six weeks after he initially said he would be taking a break.

Rather than play D&D, though, Arcadum decided to play Far Cry 6, after briefly addressing the elephant in the room.

“As you may see, the chat is in emote-only mode, and it will probably be in emote-only mode for quite some time,” he said, before laughing and explaining that he’s done so “for obvious reasons.”


He also shared a statement on Pastebin, putting it in his Twitch ‘About’ section, addressing the situation further.

“After streaming almost every day for the last five years, I’ve been gaining some much-needed perspective and reconnecting with the world outside of gaming,” he said. “I am still sorting out some personal matters in my private life, but I am truly appreciative, and your support has not been lost on me – while I will be continuing my break from D&D, I will use this channel for casual variety gaming.”

Backlash against Arcadum’s return

Responding the statement, ConfirmedCasual on Twitter said that “nobody sees you as a D&D Streamer, we see you as a possessive, manipulative sexual predator.”


VTuber SciFriTV highlighted the number of allegations made against Arcadum, and said “he does not deserve a platform to profit off of people who don’t know the truth.”

They also encouraged users to use Twitch’s report button.

Similarly, Fearan urged him to “get some real therapy and get out of here.”

Arcadum was not banned from Twitch following the public allegations, though was dropped by his talent agency, Novo. Founded by popular streamer Devin Nash, the agency terminated Black’s contract. “As an agent supporting his business, I am beyond betrayed and disappointed,” Nash said, expressing that he wished to see Arcadum removed from the industry.


Now facing some serious scrutiny over his Twitch return, it remains to be seen whether Arcadum will be deterred from making a full-time comeback.