Warzone streamer Rallied responds to racism and “mental abuse” claims

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Multiple former partners of Warzone streamer Patryk ‘Rallied’ Salata have accused him of being “mentally abusive,” as well as a video resurfacing of him allegedly using racial slurs and threatening violence against black people. Rallied has responded to the claims.

Update Sept 30 – Rallied responds

After multiple accusations against Rallied came to light and spread online, the YouTuber published an apology video where he addressed the recent drama.

In it, he apologizes for using the racial slur in the unearthed video then addressed the conversations he had with past partners.

Original story follows below…

Rallied is a former competitor, as well as having been a content creator for OpTic Gaming. Since then, he’s been a full-time streamer playing Warzone, no longer competing among pros.

Between September 29 and 30, a number of tweets implicated Rallied in various situations with former girlfriends, speaking out against the way he treated them, with one person close to the situation referring to him as “mentally abusive.”

Rallied has responded to both these accusations as well as the racist clip that has started to spread like wildfire across the Call of Duty community.

OpTic Rallied
YouTube: Gamestop
Rallied was a former member of OpTic Gaming.

Rallied racism accusation

Early in the hours of September 30, an anonymous user going by the name hunterx8797 posted a video Twitter, in response to a tweet from Rallied’s ex-girlfriend Isla.

The video — which does not show Rallied’s face throughout, but is said to be him speaking — contains gruesome language about a black family passing by as they drive around.

“Kill these f**king black people, the little monkeys,” the voice accused of being Rallied says. “This f**king big orangutan with her cub,” referring to the woman and what is presumed to be her young son.

Rallied’s “mental abuse” of former partners

The above video came in response to a number of tweets and screenshots that came out, which show text messages between Rallied and former partners and girlfriends.

Ex-girlfriend Isla shared screenshots of text conversations that allegedly occurred between the two. In them, she is accused of being “25 with the mental capacity of a 6-year-old,” and how “taxing” it is having to “raise her.” He also questions “how he got so unlucky in life.”

Rallied’s current girlfriend, Valerie, insisted that “there’s two sides to every story” and said there’s “a lot off miss information [sic]” circulating about the situation.

This prompted azalialexi to speak on her experiences with the streamer. “Your boyfriend accused me of giving him an STI that I don’t and have never had,” she said. “He lied and spread rumors about me after I cut him off.”

What followed was an old tweet from Azalia, which many are linking to Rallied due to the nature of the story. In it, she shares four screenshots of text messages between herself and someone she had dated.

In the texts, the person many believe to be Rallied says that “a guy will almost never end up wiring a girl that he has rough a*s sex with,” adding that “if that’s happened to you a lot it could be because of that.”

She then posted a thread saying that “Rallied has never once apologized” for his actions towards her and that he has “slut-shamed her for multiple years” since.

OMGLove — a longstanding member of the Call of Duty community — also shared her experiences with a former partner, presumed to be Rallied.

“Can’t even consider it that [dating] when he’d repeatedly call me fat (when I was at a low weight), spread racist lies about me ‘smelling like curry’ while saying ‘this is why I like white girls’ to our friends.”

Fellow Twitch streamer Ava went on to explain that she has “never seen one man unite so many women and ex’s together simply because of how mentally abusive he was.”

Rallied responds to the accusations

While the accusations were growing, Rallied responded to multiple of his peers. In response to Swagg sending him a bunch of question marks, he said that “I genuinely have no recollection of ever saying anything like this in my entire life… I have equal love for all races.”

He also added in a separate tweet that he “does not support anything said in that video” and suggests that he “genuinely does not know if that’s me or if it’s been tampered with.”

Finally, he posted a Twitlonger (of which the tweet sharing it has now been deleted) titled “the truth from start to finish.” In it, he responded to many of the above tweets and accusations. He starts it by saying that “these two girls have been hanging out together ever since my break up with Isla and they have been plotting to try and paint me out to be this horrific guy.”

He insists that he publicly apologized to Azalia multiple times, saying that she was “way too wild for him” before sharing a small anecdote about her staying at the house of a man with a daughter.

To Isla, he said that “we had massive communication issues off the jump” and that they “fell in love too fast.”

He continued: “I don’t think you realized how much I tried doing for you and all you could think of was the negatives when you told me sh*t like all your friends/family hate me and I’m not a good guy when I tried setting you up for greatness, but you were so ungrateful and too lazy to stick to a schedule.”

He also admitted that they were “horribly toxic for each other” and that he has “never been treated more worthlessly and appreciated less in my life,” and that his daily call with his mother was “the only thing that kept away his suicidal and dark thoughts.”

rallied era eternity
Rallied competed before making the full-time switch to content creation.

Rallied said that at the time the racist video allegedly took place, he was in a “dark place of deep depression and alcoholism,” and wants a legal team to “view the legitimacy of this video.”

He added that “I have nothing but love in my heart for everyone around me and I view us all as equals from the entire spectrum of humanity.”

Finally, the Twitlonger said that “this is truly some sadistic behavior and I hope both of you guys find happiness with yourselves,” to those making accusations against him.

It finished: “I love everyone reading this all races, genders, and even the two girls that have tried ruining my life multiple times… I am here to take responsibility and tell you that the man I am today does not add up with these allegations.”

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