D&D Twitch streamer Arcadum accused of emotional abuse of women & sexual assault claim

GloriousArcadum on TwitchTwitch: GloriousArcadum

Popular Dungeons & Dragons streamer Jeremy ‘GloriousArcadum’ Black has been accused of manipulation, emotional abuse, and sexual assault. In total, at least ten women have made accusations against the streamer, who has now issued a response.

Arcadum is a well-known member of the D&D and VRChat communities, and leads the Callous Row roleplay group.

Twitch streamer Momo was among the first women to post public accusations against Black, writing “I am doing this to save future women that could have the possibility of being manipulated by him. I am doing this in an attempt to inform people of his dedication to grooming the people in his life.”

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During a long “friendship” with Black, Momo claims that the popular streamer was emotionally manipulative, and would “lash out at me, yet again, with the same cycle: angry, jealousy, sympathy farming, and reassurance of his stature.”

The allegations

It is alleged that on August 26, Arcadum reached out to multiple women with whom he was friends, explaining that he was going to “block, and ban all the girls he had been involved with or close with” in an attempt to save his relationship with streamer Tiffany Tiefling.

However, Momo claims that “it was not until later, when I was approached by the other women who he had forcibly removed, that he was simply trying to sweep all his wrongdoing under the rug, to salvage his reputation with his community.”

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Another nine women have posted similar messages, all relaying their experience with Black. These include VTubers/streamers Lyra121, Cri, NaomiOop, SummerSalt, Rediculous, UzuriMia, Kelli Siren, and Folkona.

Folkona’s claims include an accusation of sexual assault. “Arcadum asked to scratch my back and play with my hair,” she wrote. “I was obviously okay with this because he hadn’t been intimate with me before this point and I am super friendly in this sense with others. It was only when his hands started wandering where they shouldn’t when it became something more.

“I finally got the courage to get up from the seat I was in, he also stood up and attempted to embrace me very close. I allowed it because I assumed it was a hug, only to feel his erection against my leg. I remained motionless and did not touch Arcadum back in any way, shape or form. This weird, dry-humpy embrace lasted several minutes as he cried into my neck. I could feel him gripping at my shirt and pants and holding me violently and just crying into my neck.”

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Since the initial accusations, more women have echoed similar claims. Twitch streamer Lowrhen said, “I won’t bother sharing my story since it’s not as bad, but it’s essentially the same.”

Tiffany Tiefling has tweeted, “I feel sick. I’m sorry. I am not ready to share my side of the story.”

Arcadum responds

On September 2, Arcadum published his own TwitLonger post, detailing his response to the accusations.

“I never sought out relationships purely for sexual purposes, and to be absolutely clear, I have never engaged in nonconsensual activity,” he said. “These were relationships that developed as genuine friendships. I greatly valued these friendships and still do, yet I have been unfair to many of them, and I am sorry for the hurt I have caused them.”

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He explained that his wife Tiffany became aware of the “relationships” and “communications” and was “heartbroken.”

“I tried to do as much as I could to salvage the situation. This included attempting to edit and delete messages I had exchanged with different people, as well as reaching out to them to explain I would not be able to continue any sort of professional or personal association.”

Arcadum’s response has been met with criticism, particularly because it did not address the accusations from women individually.

Concluding his response, Arcadum said he will not be streaming, as he seeks therapy for personal issues.

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