Valkyrae disgusted by fanart of Corpse Husband choking her in DAYWALKER! video

YouTube: Valkyrae

After her recent appearance in Corpse Husband and Machine Gun Kelly’s music video “DAYWALKER!” Valkyrae has received some questionable fan art.

After fan favorite creator Valkyrae appeared in fellow YouTube star Corpse Husband’s ‘DAYWALKER!’ music video with Machine Gun Kelly, fans have been hard at work preparing fanart of their favorite creators.

The video, which has racked up almost 9 million views at the time of writing, portrays a very different side to the 100 Thieves icon. Seen dressed head to toe in black latex and sporting a set of deadly black claws, fans have let their imagination run wild.

However, maybe things have gone a little bit too far, as Valkyrae got a bit of a shock when reacting to fan art.

Valkyrae disgusted by explicit DAYWALKER! fanart

Valkyrae as Corpse Husband in Daywalker music video with Machine Gun KellyYouTube: MGK
DAYWALKER! let us see a very different side of Valkyrae.

While reacting to a selection of DAYWALKER! themed pieces, Rae is rendered speechless when a particularly adult image pops up on-screen.

Featuring Corpse Husband choking a submissive Rae on the yellow chair that features in the video, the artist has also added cat ears and a devilish looking tail to the iconic creator.

Completely startled and visibly incredibly uncomfortable, she goes on to comment that “RottenCore arts, you have some explaining to do!” After a host of shocked stutters she continues “it appears to me that he seems to be choking me, okay. Okay.”

She then moves on to the next image, which by contrast is very tame. “Thank you for this very PG-13 art, thank you Rotten (RottenMIC). I love the simplicity — the simplicity, A.K.A., not being choked by my friends. Thank you.”

Artist responds

It turns out that the top comment on the video, however, is the artist defending their work after both Rae’s reaction and a wave of backlash in the comments.

“Hi! It’s RottenCoreArts here, just wanted to clear up some misunderstandings and make things clear. 1. I do not ship them, I don’t ship real people.”

“2. The original intentions for this piece was suppose to be him just reaching down to her. However due to the style and arm length it could be read like he’s choking her. I thought it would be a fun to leave it to interpretation as a lowkey reference to his lyrics in “Cat Girls,” but also how his friends (including Rae) always joke about that part of the lyrics.”

Whether or not fans will be convinced by this explanation is unclear. Either way, RottenCoreArts certainly got a reaction, but maybe not quite the one they wanted…