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David Dobrik’s odd way of eating oranges is confusing the internet

Published: 23/Apr/2020 22:09

by Virginia Glaze


David Dobrik is one of YouTube’s most popular personalities, best known for his chaotic, high-energy vlogs — but it’s not his antics with the “vlog squad” that have fans scratching their heads, this time.

Boasting over 16 million YouTube subscribers, Dobrik is considered one of the most well-known online entertainers to date, having such high-profile connections as Justin Bieber, Howie Mandell and even Kylie Jenner.

While he may have some serious A-list clout, that isn’t stopping fans from throwing some humorous shade toward the internet star, thanks to his bizarre method of eating citrus fruits.

David Dobrik, Instagram
David Dobrik is one of YouTube’s biggest stars, known for his fast-paced antics with the “vlog squad” – and now, also for his weird way of eating oranges.

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In an Instagram post earlier this week, Dobrik showed off his special way of eating an orange; rather than taking off the peel or even slicing the fruit into sections, the star bit into it like an apple.


“Does the way I bite into this orange make you angry?” he captioned the video, as though poking fun at those who have already undoubtedly expressed their distain at his unique citrus-eating habits.

As evidenced by the responses on social media, many fans are, indeed, “angry,” with quite a few viewers expressing good-natured disdain and shock over Dobrik’s Instagram story.

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“What kind of **king psychopath eats an orange like that?!?!” one fan Tweeted in response to the matter.

“I really used to like David Dobrik, but then he posted the video of him eating an orange,” another quipped.


“David Dobrik bites into his oranges like an apple… he better Venmo me $1,000 before i call the authorities,” yet another wrote.

However, it seems that Dobrik’s video has validated quite a few orange-eaters, who also bite into their favorite citrus fruits like complete savages.

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“I honestly eat my oranges that way too, and I’ve been embarrassed to tell anyone until now,” one fan joked. “Thank you for being brave enough to share your truth.”

“I knew I wasn’t the only one who bit into their oranges,” another admitted.

While it’s unclear if this is David’s normal method for eating oranges or if he was merely trolling, it’s safe to say that YouTube’s biggest vlogger got the internet talking — despite taking a lengthy hiatus from uploading regular videos.