Logan Paul trashes house with crazy bungee jump trick

Logan Paul vlogging.Logan Paul (YouTube)

YouTube star Logan Paul accidentally trashed his home after trying a new indoor bungee jump stunt in his latest vlog.

Logan Paul has built a massive following of over 21 million subscribers on his channel and is known for his popular vlog series.

Although many of the platform’s vloggers have stopped uploading during lockdown measures, Logan seems to show no sign of slowing down and has come up with unique ways to entertain viewers from his home.

Logan Paul, YouTube
The YouTube star set up a homemade bungee harness in his home.

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During his April 20 upload, the YouTuber revealed that his next grand idea was to set up bungee cords from the wooden ceiling beams in his own hallway.

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“Quarantine forced us to get more creative because we’re bored as sh*t,” he explained, “I’ve had these bungee cords for two years and never got to film a vlog with them so we’re going to put them on the ceiling and try to jump.”

After scaling the beams from the top of his staircase and shuffling across a ladder at a considerable height, Logan surprisingly managed to set up a solid homemade bungee jump.

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He quickly tested it out for himself after it was ready and revealed that he was thrilled with the results, “this is the best idea we’ve ever done on this channel.”

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After recording some unique basketball trickshots and flips, Logan accidentally crashed into one of his hanging lamps, smashing it into pieces with the back of his head.

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“Guys come on, I didn’t mean to,” he said, looking back at the damage he had caused.

Despite his initial shock, he did not remain disappointed for too long and after Impaulsive co-host Mike Majlak suggested that they should “finish them off,” Logan and his housemates took turns in smashing the rest of the hanging lights.

The YouTube star’s floor was left covered in ceramic shards and although they had to clean it all up shortly after, the group managed to see the bright side in the situation following Logan’s unfortunate crash, laughing it off and at least making some fun content out of it.

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