Myth explains how xQc impressions changed his Twitch chat

Joe Craven

One of Fortnite’s earliest innovators turned Twitch star, Ali ‘Myth’ Kabbani, has explained how his impressions of fellow streamer Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel have affected his chat on the streaming platform. 

While initially known for his incredible building skills on Epic Games’ Fortnite, TSM Myth has turned into something of a full-time entertainer. He still brings a high level of gameplay to Fortnite, but has branched out into telling jokes and awesome impressions. 

Among others, the 20-year-old is renowned for his incredibly accurate impression of xQc, the ex-Overwatch professional who turned Twitch streamer in favor of professional gaming. 

Myth has been prominent on Fortnite since just after its release.

Despite starting as a one-off impersonation, it appears to have caused some unintended consequences, particularly in relation to the comments his viewers make in his Twitch chat. 

“You guys are so f*cking horny all the time!” he exclaimed, during his March 7 stream. “I dunno how you guys got this way. We used to be a: ‘Myth, can you add me on Epic please?’” 

He commented that his chat has since turned into an expletive-filled comments section, as a host of his viewers make pretty crude remarks, despite the relatively innocent nature of Myth’s commentary. 

“You did an xQc impression,” Myth read, as he sought an explanation for why his chat has turned so profane. “You’re not wrong, that is a good point.” 

He then launched back into his famous impression, describing how the “memers” have come to his channel as a result. xQc, one of the most popular streamers on the entire platform, is known for his passionate outbursts and often profane commentaries. 

With the transfer of a number of xQc’s fans to Myth’s channel, it makes sense that his chat has made a handbrake turn towards more adult corner.  

It doesn’t seem like Myth is too concerned about the shift in his chat’s behavior, embracing the new-found adult theme with the signature attitude that has seen him become one of the world’s most popular content creators. 

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