Was MrBeast caught flying economy? Fans shocked after lookalike spotted on plane

Virginia Glaze
mrbeast-lookalike-flying-economy-shocks-fansYouTube: Curiosity Stream / X.com: Kick

Fans of MrBeast were left shocked after spotting an apparent lookalike of the YouTube star seemingly flying in economy class.

Jimmy ‘MrBeast’ Donaldson is YouTube’s most-subscribed independent content creator after beating PewDiePie’s long-standing sub count late last year.

It’s no secret that, as a result of his online fame, MrBeast is raking in some serious dough. The YouTuber has opened up about his financial situation in the past, saying that he actually loses money on his big-budget videos.

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Despite this loss, MrBeast is still doing well for himself, boasting an estimated net worth of $54 million as of 2021 thanks to his multiple business ventures like Feastables and merchandise, on top of AdSense and sponsorship deals.

mrbeast-hersheys-feastables-taste-test-2Instagram: feastables
MrBeast is one of YouTube’s top stars – so fans were left perplexed when they found a guy who looked just like him flying in economy.

That’s why fans were left perplexed when they saw the star in a place they didn’t expect him to be, whatsoever.

MrBeast lookalike goes viral after getting spotted flying economy

On September 14, a photo began spreading around social media showing a person that looks strikingly similar to MrBeast sleeping on a plane. Captions consistently say that they saw the guy in economy class — and fans were shocked that he wasn’t flying business class, at the very least.

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“Bro wtf [is] MrBeast doing in economy?” streaming platform Kick said on X (formerly Twitter).

“Praying and blocking out the poor with airpods!” one user responded as a joke.

Still others are arguing that the YouTuber was simply being “humble” and “down to Earth” — but others aren’t so sure that it’s actually him in the photo.

Thus far, MrBeast himself hasn’t responded to the situation, but this wouldn’t be the first time a major YouTuber’s lookalike has convinced fans they did something outrageous recently.

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Earlier this week, a dead ringer for YouTube star Markiplier was caught pulling off some WWE moves on a man in the middle of the street due to a traffic dispute, fooling fans all over the internet who were seriously impressed with the guy’s apparent fighting prowess.

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