David Dobrik reveals opening date for his pizza restaurant Doughbrik’s

an image of youtuber david dobrikInstagram: David Dobrik, Pixabay

YouTuber David Dobrik is one of the platform’s biggest content creators. Though Dobrik has over 18.2 million subscribers, the former vlogger has turned his attention to other ventures.

Having founded the popular photography app Dispo, some viewers of Dobrik may be surprised to learn his latest career prospect is within the world of restauranteurs – as Dobrik is set to open his own pizzeria.

After months of preparation and kneading out the fine details, Dobrik will welcome customers in soon.

When is Doughbrik’s Pizza opening?

The news of Doughbrik’s Pizza opening its doors was revealed by Dobrik’s collaborator, Ilya Fedorovich via Instagram. Showcasing the restaurant’s beaming neon lights, Fedorovich said “Sorry we went over budget Dave. Neon lights look cool though.”

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Fedorovich confirmed that Doughbrik’s Pizza will be open for business on November 12, 2022.

Alongside an official confirmation, followers of Fedorovich and Dobrik can also head over to the Doughbrik’s Pizza Instagram page to see more of the location.

Fedorovich rose to fame on YouTube as one-half of the creative duo, In-Debt. Since then Dobrik’s collaborator has moved into the Vlog Squad house in 2020 and has co-hosted the Lightweights Podcast with Joe Vulpis.

Meanwhile, Dobrik has put all his focus into Doughbrik’s Pizza. The content creator said previously that he and Fedorovich have been “taste-testing pizzas for months” in the build-up to its inception.

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The restaurant was originally slated for an August or September opening, but internal obstacles have prevented that from coming to fruition.

Dobrik had returned to YouTube for a brief period, though this would end up as an ultimately short-lived return. His last upload was in March 2022.