David Dobrik stunned after stranger drops off kitten on his doorstep

Virginia Glaze
David Dobrik talks to the camera beside a photo of a Russian Blue kitten.

Strange occurrences continue to happen to David Dobrik; after being stalked by a “scary” viewer for days, the YouTuber has now become the unexpected owner of a kitten that was dropped off at his doorstep by an unknown person.

David Dobrik is one of YouTube’s biggest stars, boasting well over 19 million subscribers on the website, alone (not to mention his additional 14 million followers on Instagram).

Known for his high-energy vlogs and generous cash giveaways, it makes sense that his charitable nature has made him quite an impressive figure in the online world; but it seems his celebrity status is having some serious, real-world ramifications.

Earlier this week, Dobrik mentioned that he’d been stalked by a mentally disturbed viewer, who had sat outside his home for two days before keying his assistant’s blue Ford Bronco with odd symbols.

Luckily, Dobrik was able to get the fan the help she needed, after she claimed that voices inside her head had directed her to come to his home to get “answers” ; but that’s far from the strangest thing that has happened to the YouTuber in recent days.

In an Instagram story uploaded on October 8, Dobrik revealed video footage from his CCTV that showed a mysterious stranger placing a bag at his front gate before immediately turning away.

Luckily, it wasn’t a bomb or any other dangerous item. Instead, inside the bag was a Clickbait hoodie, a clear, plastic baggie full of makeup items, and a gray kitten.

“Someone dropped off this kitten at our front door,” the vlogger said while showing off the animal. “Please, take it back.”

While the rest of the Vlog Squad weren’t convinced that he hadn’t had someone over at the house previously, it seems that one of YouTube’s most popular personalities has become the unintended foster dad of a Russian Blue cat — which wouldn’t be a terrible development, for some cat lovers out there.

It’s not clear what Dobrik intends to do with the animal moving forward. You never know — the kitty might even become the newest member of the Vlog Squad!