DoorDash customer left shaken after driver vandalizes garage with ominous message

Molly Byrne
DoorDash driver wrote ominous message on customer's garageUnsplash: griffin wooldridge, Reddit: yellowenthusiastt

After delivering food to someone’s doorstep, a DoorDash delivery driver went back to write an ominous message on their garage — leaving the customer shaken with curiosity.

Usually, it’s the DoorDash driver who is subjected to more danger while delivering orders, as they are typically working alone on the job.

However, for one DoorDash order, it was the customer left shaken after their order was delivered, as their driver wrote an eerie message on their garage.

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Though the customer is still unsure exactly what the message meant, she took to Reddit with her story, leaving viewers to do the detective work on what the message may mean.

DoorDashUnsplash: marques thomas
Reddit theorized what the odd message on the customer’s garage meant.

DoorDash customer calls police on delivery driver 

The Redditor who shared her story to the platform initially posted her experience, saying, “Ordered food today… The Dasher came and dropped it off, but then wrote ‘514’ above my garage in permanent marker. It’s all caught on camera… I’m just really confused, lol.”

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After being left with the ominous message on her garage, the woman shared that she called the police about the matter. However, the authorities didn’t take her name, so the poster is unsure if the incident will be taken very seriously.

She also said she didn’t want to press charges, saying, “My goal was not to get this person arrested, hurt, or in trouble. I am not the only person who lives here nor was it my sole decision to call the police.”

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Those who have read her story came up with a variety of reasons for the odd numeric message, saying, “That’s how people mark houses for later to break into… They use their jobs as Dashers to scope out houses.”

While another identified the answer to an obvious question, saying, “I initially figured he was angry your address wasn’t visible from the road and wrote your house number in a fit of rage. However, I assume your address is not 514 as you would have mentioned this.”

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One fan even theorized that the delivery driver had stolen a previous order and needed a photo for proof of delivery, as the commenter shared that she had a similar experience happen to them.

Others tried to make light of the situation, saying that it was a message from the poster’s “Guardian Angel” and that the delivery driver was trying to bring her food faith.

Though the Redditor never pressed charges, they did contact DoorDash, resulting in the Dasher getting removed from the app. The poster also said that their partner was going to scrub the numbers off the garage, hoping that it wouldn’t happen again.

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