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David Dobrik roasts Parasite in surprise Warzone session with CoD pros

Published: 28/Aug/2020 23:14

by Theo Salaun


It turns out that David Dobrik has a real gamer side to him, as he roasted and raged with the best of them, literally, after linking up with Call of Duty pros Christopher ‘Parasite’ Duarte and Cesar ‘Skyz’ Bueno for a night of Warzone.

Dobrik is best known for his YouTube vlogs, but the early Vine star appears to be as comfortable in Verdansk as he is in Hollywood. After randomly contacting Parasite, a former CoD world champion and CDL Challengers player, and the Florida Mutineers’ Skyz, Dobrik got a full session of Warzone with the boys and brought some peak gamer energy.


Although the gang ended up putting together four wins, the road was bumpy and the spice was right. Obviously very familiar with Parasite’s Twitter bio, Dobrik was unafraid to lean in and roast the professional player following some dissatisfactory performances.

Amid a sea of laughs, David laid into Parasite with a clean dig: “World champion, my a** … Change your Twitter bio to ‘36th place in Warzone’ because that’s more accurate.”

It’s one of the most unexpected content collaborations, but the jokes were rolling and the gameplay was hilarious.

With that level of energy going on, it’s no surprise that legendary Call of Duty players like Damon ‘Karma’ Barlow were in Parasite’s Twitch chat, cracking up at the banter and, more specifically, at Dobrik blaming lag for any and all of his mishaps — including one unfortunate drop.


Although Dobrik’s content has often leaned family-friendly, this stream proved he’s just like Call of Duty players everywhere. In one moment, he lost a Gulag and unleashed a trail of obscenities long and vibrant enough to make the most avid CoD player proud.

Many might speculate that he just got tired of losing Warzone matches, but it’s still hard to know exactly what prompted Dobrik’s decision to hit the sticks with some of the game’s best. But we do know one thing: the massive, multimillionaire influencer is just as chaotic on the Verdansk battlefield as any of us.


From parachute mishaps to blaming lag and cursing out Gulag opponents, it appears that Warzone banter and mania is universal.