David Dobrik & assistant Natalie flustered after being confronted by angry fan

Virginia Glaze
David Dobrik confronted by angry fan
YouTube: David Dobrik

YouTube star David Dobrik and his assistant, Natalie Mariduena, were approached by an angry fan while out and about, leaving both influencers looking flustered and asking security for help.

David Dobrik has finally made his return to YouTube following multiple accusations and complaints of putting former friends and other entertainers in uncomfortable — and even dangerous — situations for his viral four-minute vlogs.

Dobrik, who was once one of YouTube’s most popular content creators, has now come under intense scrutiny for his past content — not the least of which was securing friend Jeff Wittek to a crane and swinging him around fast enough to damage his eye.

One of the bigger controversies surrounding Dobrik and his crew were accusations of providing alcohol to women “in order to take advantage of them,” as levied by TikToker Vercua Salt and other women formerly involved with the ‘Vlog Squad’ friend group.

David Dobrik pays for friends life changing surgery
YouTube: David Dobrik
David Dobrik made his grand return to YouTube on June 16 – but not everyone was hyped to see him come back to the platform.

While Dobrik has since resumed his vlogging, it doesn’t seem like everyone is on board with his comeback, as seen when one fan approached the YouTuber and his assistant while the two were out and about some time on July 20, 2021.

The fan captured the confrontation on his mobile phone, saying, “David, you’re not sick with your return, bro. Who gave the alcohol to the young girls? … Dude, it’s the whole culture you have of taking advantage of drunk people.”


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“You’re asking a crazy question, like, literally, we don’t know that,” Dobrik replied. “This isn’t the time and place to do that.”

“This is a really weird conspiracy theory you have right now,” Natalie added before seeming to wave down a security guard. “Excuse me, sir? He’s harassing us.”

This confrontation follows Dobrik’s appearance on the Discovery Channel’s Shark Week special, ‘Sharkbait,’ which also saw ample blowback from concerned viewers and critics, who warned the channel of the YouTuber’s ongoing allegations.